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Why DramaWorks?

DramaWorks believes everyone has a special talent. Students are given expert training in acting, movement and music theatre. We offer a fun and creative environment for learning.

  • All classes are taught in English with special attention to the language needs of individual students.
  • We have qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about theatre.
  • Drama and singing activities help students gain confidence and develop self-esteem.
  • Students learn to express themselves and stretch their imagination.
  • Our classes teach skills not just for the stage but for life.
  • Students develop vocal skills including articulation, projection and expression.
  • Drama develops language and communication skills.
  • We provide the opportunity to take recognised Drama and Music Theatre exams in London.

Show Time!

Students have a fantastic time taking part in our annual productions and festivals. Students can really put the skills they have learnt into action. Alongside performing, everyone gets involved in making the show from designing scenery to costumes and props making. There is an important role for everyone to play!

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