Age 10-12 (Stage 3)

Acting and Music Theatre


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SATURDAYS 13:15 - 14:45
SUNDAYS 13:15 - 14:45

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Through fun drama games and exercises students develop confidence, voice production and performance skills. Through studying valuable improvisation techniques they learn characterisation and expression. Improvisation also encourages team work. Structured mime activities help students to learn the importance of body language and gesture and how to use this in their performance.

Students explore a variety of texts including poems and scripts. At this level we begin to work on pieces which require a deeper interpretation of character and situations. Most of all we encourage students to enjoy the magic of bringing the text alive and to the stage.

In Music Theatre students enjoy the pleasure of singing and improving their vocal technique. They can choose from a variety of songs from the musicals. We also encourage them to explore the world of music theatre and discover musicals both old and new.

Open Class! At the end of our first semester students perform in an open class. This is a fantastic opportunity to show the variety of pieces, scenes and songs they have learnt to family and friends.

Show Time! At the end of the second semester students take part in our end of year extravaganza. We choose an enjoyable story suitable for their age group. We believe every child has a special talent and there is always a role for everyone to play!

Exams: We can prepare students for exams in acting and music theatre with the London College of Music. Students need to have private lessons to be able to do this and exams take place in London.

English language level requirement: Students need to speak at least upper-intermediate English to cope with Saturday classes. If your child does not have a high level of English but you would like them to learn please see our partner language school website:





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