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Weekend Workshop with Scott Alexander Young*,

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Never acted on film before? This is your chance! If you have, then come and sharpen your skills! Join Scott Alexander Young, for an intense practical film acting workshop like no other! Film is the medium that won’t let the actor get away with “faking it”. So we will dig deep into creating believable characters for the screen. Want to really be ready for that close-up? Hit your marks? Stay in shot? This is the place to get a crash course! 

These regular monthly workshops are a chance to develop acting skills specific to the screen, gain confidence and receive feedback. Each workshop will include some general acting training, scene work, audition technique and improvisation. There is a main focus for each workshop.


·        Specific technical demands of acting for film

·         Improvisation and script work

·         Actingwith a greenscreen

·         Preparing for a part

·         Watch back on private youtube channel



Next workshop...

Date: 10th  March 2019 

Time: 10:00 - 13:00 TEENS (age 11 - 15yrs)
          14:00 - 17:00 ADULTS (age 16+ to adults)

Location: Jurányi Inkubátorház (Gólem room), 1027 Budapest, Jurányi utca 1.

Cost: 15 000HUF

Limited numbers, pre-booking required!

To book: 
Email name and phone number to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will confirm your place and send you details for bank transfer. 

A minimum upper-intermediate level of English is required.



"Finding a good teacher for actingcan be a challenge. Scott is a consummate professional actor, and is a kind and knowledgeable coach; he quickly finds the areas I need to work on and gets results from me within minutes. I'm now walking into auditions, feeling confident in my acting skills... and I'm booking jobs." -  Actress , Christine Grace Szarko

"I had weekly lessons with Scott over a year, and he was my preparatory teacher for the audition to a top ranked US acting school. I did not have too much previous experience with acting before, I just did it on a hobby level. Scott helped me from ground zero and guided me on the way. First He helped with the correct US and British English pronunciation, and how to correctly accentuate. We practised through tongue-twisters and long texts, reading and stage performances. With the help of Scott I chose a bunch of monologues and exercised these over and over with different techniques, while we involved stage acting into the daily work. Finally in the last phase we put all these together and before a camera I could show my monologues with improved English and stage performance. It was a shocking improvement , and I cannot be grateful enough to him for his patience and energy he put into our lessons. He is a great teacher with a huge knowledge and passion and I highly recommend him anyone who would like to learn more about acting or self-development on stage work. Finally all the joint work paid off and I got accepted to the AADA (American Academy For Dramatic Arts), which I start in the next semester in California. I will never ever forget his help." - former student


More details about the workshop:

Our focus during this workshop will be how to create natural performances on camera. Using exercises and small group scenes we will be practicing, listening and reacting to others in a scene, using natural gesture and body language 
Character actor Scott Alexander Young doesn’t have model looks - and didn’t start in the acting business until he was 40! So how does he keep getting cast in movies and TV shows? Over 30 acting credits on the imdb in the last dozen years.
Join our January workshop for a high energy audition workout with Scott, and find out!
Limited numbers, pre-booking required! 
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