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Why DramaWorks?

DramaWorks organises educational workshops and performances which complement and enhance the school curriculum.

  • In English and tailor made to suit the language abilities of the group.
  • Our workshops are taught by native speaking professional and qualified leaders passionate about theatre in education.
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs and age of the students.
  • Study guides are provided to give teachers follow-up activities and practical ideas.

What Works?

It's incredible what a student can learn when they use their imagination. Students are taken on a journey of discovery. They are encouraged to ask questions and think for themselves. This develops self-expression, giving a sense of empowerment and builds self-confidence. Through imagining and enacting students learn about the world they live in. "All the world's a stage" and drama is about life!

Explore English!!

Our workshops are energetic and interactive. They provide an excellent opportunity to practice and develop English language skills. Drama is a vehicle for learning and expression. We aim to enhance communication skills, and broaden vocabulary. Students are encouraged to role play with different characters and develop their problem solving skills. By using the imagination as a tool for teaching we aim to enhance student's language skills while they have fun!


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