DramaWorks organises drama clubs for schools and kindergartens. We bring the magic of drama to your school!

We offer:

  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Professional teachers who are passionate about theatre
  • Tailor made classes which compliment the school curriculum
  • Our teachers are experienced in teaching ESL students
  • We adapt or classes to suit mixed language levels

Drama for Kindergartens and Schools

Fun drama games and exercises allow students to develop confidence and language skills. Through stories and songs we encourage students to use their imagination and to express themselves. Teacher-led improvisation and role play are used to develop problem solving skills and explore themes. Our drama clubs are creative and full of fun!

kindergartenEnglish Through Drama (ESL)

We offer creative English language lessons for all ages. Drama is a wonderful tool for teaching. Through stories, role play and drama games students learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. Our imaginative classes make learning English enjoyable. We bring English learning to life!!


rabbitStudents Perform

Students have a fantastic time performing in end of semester shows and festivals to parents. We always choose enjoyable stories that the children can relate to.



Would you like a club after school or during the school day? We can arrange the club to fit in with your timetable.

More Information!

Please contact us for further details.


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