These challenging courses are designed for senior students and adults who want to develop core performance skills. The first semester focuses on acting methods and techniques. Students are lead through a variety of different widely practiced acting techniques. Although these are by no means the only accepted acting methods in the world of theatre, this overview will give students a solid foundation in the art of acting and will provide aspiring actors with an idea of the acting technique that will work for them.

Throughout the course, students will use both improvisation and script work to develop various acting skills, including physical awareness, character development, and total belief. Students will also be expected to familiarize themselves with readings and scripts in between classes to best utilize class time.

During the second semester students will further their acting studies whilst working towards a theatre production to be performed at the end of the course.

LOCATION: Jurányi Inkubátorház (Scallabouche Theatre), Jurányi utca 3 (press bell)  - MAP

FIRST LESSON: 13th September 2022
LAST LESSON: 31st January 2023
OPEN LESSON: 6th December
HOLIDAYS: 25th October, 1st November, 13th December, 20th December, 27th December, 3rd January

FEE: 75 000 HUF
(calculated on pro-rata bases)

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