At this young age children have a natural ability to 'make-believe'. Through imaginative play they explore the world around them. We use mime and movement; exploring stories and characters that the children can relate to. Through the imagination we create a magical world which is full of fun!

Drama classes provide a fun way for students to develop confidence and language skills. Through stories and songs we encourage students to use their imagination and express themselves. Music Theatre is creative and full of fun!

Show time! At the end of the second semester the children take part in a mini musical play which they perform to family and friends. We believe every child has a special talent and there is always a role for everyone to play.

TIME: 9:00 – 9:45 SATURDAYS
PEST: Angyalföldi József Attila Művelődési Központ, József Attila tér 4. Budapest 1131 -  MAP

FIRST LESSON: 11th September 2021
LAST LESSON: 29th January 2022
OPEN LESSON: 13th November 2021
HOLIDAYS: 23rd October, 30th October, 18th December, 25th December, 1st January

FEE:  44 800 HUF
(calculated on pro-rata bases)